Chavez and Cuba’s new course

2011 November 16
Re: Adios, Fidel. Hola, Hugo. Cuba Charts New Course
Oakland Ross (“Adios, Fidel. Hola, Hugo. Cuba charts new course,” 12 November 2011) would have done well to note that Venezuela is expropriating private property faster than Cuba is experimenting with its introduction. If Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is, in fact, the new intellectual engineer of a post-Castro Cuba, then the claim that Cuba is charting a “new” course, bound by respect for private property and the rule of law, is dubious at best.

Victoria L. Henderson
PhD Candidate and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, Queen’s University
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Publication Information:
Henderson, Victoria L. (2011) Chavez and Cuba’s new course. Toronto Star. 16 November, A22.