Che on campus

2012 February 8
Re: Welcome to Che Guevara U
If Michael Ross is upset about a Che Guevara screensaver used on the University of Victoria’s Social Justice Studies Department’s website, one suspects he would be even more outraged by the poster of Ernesto Che Guevara used by Queen’s University to promote its Cuba study program a few years ago. The poster featured the classic Alberto Korda image of Guevara with the Queen’s University logo in place of the star on Guevara’s beret.
Ironically, some of the professors who wax poetic about the need to think critically are the ones who work to naturalize a romantic image of Guevara, whitewashing his past as a state executioner and a supporter of forced labour for political dissidents, homosexuals and others found to transgress revolutionary morals.

Victoria L. Henderson
PhD Candidate and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow, Queen’s University
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Publication Information:
Henderson, Victoria L. (2012) Che on campus. National Post. 8 February, A15.