Indigenous split


2013 January 16
Re: Idle Founder Rejects Blockades
Since the public protest of Chief Theresa Spence and the near-simultaneous Idle No More movement began, I have received no shortage of emails inviting me to support “the indigenous” movement in Canada. As this article makes clear, the question becomes which indigenous group – or, better yet, which set of demands – one is being invited to support. People who wax poetic on “the indigenous” do aboriginals a great disservice by erasing the diversity of interests and competing claims that exist among individuals in these communities, like all others.

Victoria L. Henderson
PhD Candidate and IHS Thomas C. and Irene W. Graham Fellow
(Link to the article that prompted this letter)


Publication Information:
Henderson, Victoria L. (2013) Indigenous split. National Post. 18 January, A9.